by Anya Sophia Mann

What if the sentence stem "what if..." was like magic in two words that opens your heart and mind, unlocking doors into worlds you were meant to dance in? What if the world of wonder is your playground where you get to remember, rejoice and rejuvenate in the delight of who you are, as spirit having a physical experience?

What if you and your unique perception, or take on things, is exactly what the world has been waiting for to re-create itself? What if you were born to see the world different than what it is, as a way of shifting it to a higher way of living? What if you are like a lightening-rod here on earth, grounding the energy and light like a bolt of lightening charging the earth with frequencies of higher light? 

What if you and your unique perception, or take on things, is exactly what the world has been waiting for to re-create itself?

What if you had a prior agreement with every single person in your life that you come in eye contact with, to exchange light energy in an instant as a stranger, or for a lifetime as a parent, sibling or life partner? What if all your teachers were chosen, prior to your arrival here on earth, because you were in agreement to exchange energy for the highest good of all? What if the collective consciousness of humanity was being informed by your experiences and your response to them?

What if all the people you are in relationships with now, were in reversed roles with you in other lifetimes? What if your mother was your son, and your father was your sister and so on, all exchanging life wisdom within a soul group for the evolution of consciousness of all the players? What if every breath was breathing you from Source energy?

What if you woke up today and decided to be more than you have ever been, by expanding your idea of who you are? What if you went on an adventure to explore just what your being born means to the world? What if you really started to entertain, and maybe even embrace, the idea that your life really matters beyond you? 

What if you consciously opened your heart to let more love, light, and life-force energy, flow through your heart as compassion for yourself and others? What if you asked “what if” every day, so more doors could open in the wonderment of “what if”? What if your life super-improved from asking what if?

In wonder,


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Anya MannAnya Sophia Mann is a  Visionary Intuitive Life Coach,  Author and Speaker. She supports individuals and businesses in doing more of what they love (and came here to do) by creating environments for the conscious evolution of body, mind and soul. For details of classes, workshops and other events with Anya join her mailing list. She offers individual Sessions and  personal Coaching and Mentoring.

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