by Anya Sophia Mann

Like a great spice adds to a delicious meal, appreciation seasons everything in lingering ways, like a fine wine on the palate. To appreciate anything is to bring your unique flavor to it. It is in the blending of colors that new colors form, or new flavors arise when combining foods. The contribution that your appreciation of something can do, for anyone or any situation, is timeless. Appreciation is what creates something new in the moment. Something that otherwise might not have been.

To appreciate something is to love it into further existence. You can sparkle appreciation onto anyone, anywhere at anytime. Your appreciative thought, word, and deed, garnishes and grows someone’s life and creation. Just think of a time when you felt really appreciated. It is effortless to bring that kind of magic into another person’s life. It is food for the soul. Fertilizer for more good in our world!

Just think of a time when you felt really appreciated. It is effortless to bring that kind of magic into another person’s life. It is food for the soul. 

Appreciation is sorely missed and almost forgotten in many places I look lately. People look depleted as they carry on with their lives in various ways throughout the day. Imagine if just a few people decided to appreciate one person, place or situation once a day for a week. What a difference that would make. A small yet lasting example: I left a greeting card in my mail box addressed to the person who delivers the mail daily. I even put a stamp on it! She rang my door bell with tear-filled glistening eyes saying how much (more than I can ever know) she felt lifted up from that one act of appreciation. 

We just never really know what might be going on in a person’s life and how little it takes to show appreciation and shift their world, if only for a moment. A dose of appreciation is a long-lasting medicine that people are in great need of today. Can you do that for another? Yes! 

Enjoy yourself in finding creative ways to appreciate just one person a day. Developing the good habit of having ‘eyes of appreciation’ in the world, and acting on them, also raises your own consciousness. Appreciation is a beautiful guide that you can give another, which supports them in knowing what direction to flow their life’s energy. We all need a little help from a friend, and you could be that moment of appreciation for someone who really needs it today.

I appreciate the time you take to read and share these blogs!



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Anya MannAnya Sophia Mann is a  Visionary Intuitive Life Coach,  Author and Speaker. She supports individuals and businesses in doing more of what they love (and came here to do) by creating environments for the conscious evolution of body, mind and soul. For details of classes, workshops and other events with Anya join her mailing list. She offers individual Sessions and  personal Coaching and Mentoring.

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