Appreciation and Thank You


Appreciation and Thank You

by Anya Sophia Mann

Thank You means ‘I receive’. So few know that and fully receive what they are saying 'thank you' for. Ponder that for a moment and move through your week being mindful of every time you say thank you. Is it really appropriate? Are you fully receiving the gift, gesture, or compliment etc? Fully receiving meaning taking it in, all the way in to your heart, in appreciation.

Appreciation means you are recognizing the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people, situations and/or things. When you are appreciating something you are giving it energy, like a fertilizer feeding and nurturing your growing garden. You, as a flow-er of energy, grow the hearts and souls of others by appreciating.

The ‘Art of Appreciation’ appears to be lost in our daily lives. The antidote for that is YOU! When you flow the energy of appreciation into your world it flourishes beautifully with receptive and reciprocal energy. And when you compliment that appreciation with ‘Thank You’s’, which means you are in receptivity, a magnetic field expands around you that precedes every life and situation you walk into. It is a world you can really thrive in fully and completely as you are receiving and allowing the energy of life to feed and energize you especially through the heart.

 “You, as a flow-er of energy, grow the hearts and souls of others by appreciating."

Heart centered giving and receiving of the vibration of the words Thank You is the finest energy food you can ingest and digest for satisfaction and fulfillment. Delicious! Imagine topping that up with oodles of appreciation! Life is really simply delicious and spiritually elegant when we flow, flow, flow gently down the stream, in love with the energized feeling of giving and receiving the energy flow of a Thank You, and appreciation beaming toward you from someone, or you gracing a person, place or situation with your appreciative energy.

Thank you and appreciation is what makes the grass grow greener, the flowers bloom more beautifully, and our children grow taller and wiser. You can shift your life for the better by just deciding to live in the energy of these two gorgeous frequencies that our world really is craving right now. Be mindful of small and big places to share your appreciation in words and gestures. Look for every opportunity to say Thank You as you receive. Be kind and generous enough that your day is full of smiling eyes saying Thank You and 'I appreciate you' to you. Now that is a love-filled day full of you at your best for you and others vibrating a new world into being.

In appreciation, and thank you for reading and sharing,


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