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My name is Anya Sophia Mann and I'm a Visionary Intuitive Consultant and Coach specializing in successful communication for healthy relationships using your intuition. Mastering your intuition can give YOU a leading edge in your life, work and business, and I can show you how! 


This short video shows you how a shift in perspective can shift your relationships...

Click above to play the video. Accompanying music is Night Cave by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



"You are the ONE in everyONE and when we begin moving things in our own lives, we're really moving it for the whole" 

- Anya Sophia Mann


" Putting new light on any subject (even blind spots) my vantage point is my expanded multidimensional view of your situation. This is where the magic can happen! 

My steadfast clear focus, connected to your essence (which is who you really are) allows a quantum shift in your perception to happen. You will see things from a new and different perspective, allowing a shift to happen which will create (and be reflected in) a new, more congruent, cohesive reality.” 

- Anya Sophia Mann

The moment something is observed - it changes. This phenomenon is known as 'quantum superposition'.

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